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Cataloging Unit Procedures and Policy

Cataloging Unit Overview

The Cataloging Unit of the New York Law School Library is responsible for cataloging, authority control, and database maintenance of the Mendik Library’s online catalog, and for ensuring optimal access to the Library’s collections and electronic resources. 

NYLS follows current cataloging standards for bibliographic and authority records: AACR2, RDA, LCRI, OCLC’s Bibliographic Formats and Standards, MARC. 

Statement of Cataloging Policy

The mission of the NYLS Law Library's Cataloging Department is to maximize access to the Library's collections. Bibliographic control of materials in all formats is consistently maintained through the staff's adherence to international, national, and local standards. The department remains flexible to respond to the changing needs of all users and staff.

In order to support our mission, the department strives to:


  • Catalog newly acquired materials quickly, efficiently, and accurately
  • Re-catalog retrospective materials to improve or provide access
  • Provide standardized access to names, subjects, and series titles
  • Keep current with national cataloging standards
  • Constantly review cataloging policies and procedures
  • Respond promptly to questions or requests for changes to our catalog records
  • Maintain accurate holdings in OCLC for national and international access to our Library’s materials.


Through these and other activities, the Cataloging Department organizes all materials to facilitate searching and retrieval of materials, and to provide accurate online records for research and study.