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Cataloging Unit Procedures and Policy

Acquisition Records


Search OCLC  for the record which matches the item in hand. Compare the author, title, series and physical description (100,245, 250, and 300 fields) against the book in hand to see if it matches. If not, search again. If yes, go to the next step. If there is more than one such record, prefer the most complete or the one with the most attached holding libraries.


·       Scroll to bottom of bibliographic record

·       Add blank field by clicking in last field of record and pressing Enter 

·       Enter field data and acquisitions command : 949^^*recs=acql; (if you need to create an acquisition level record without any attachments      

·       Export acquisitions record : Export from the Action menu or click an Export icon.     

In Millennium

·       Search title and find new acquisitions record created.  System supplies “-“ for location and “- - “ call number.*

·       Set up acquisitions portion of record      


If there is no OCLC record, create an acquisition level record in Millennium, using template aclmj 

 ·       Millennium Acquisition (or Millennium Cataloging, or Millennium Serial) àAdmin àSetting àRecord Templates àRecord Type (select Bibliographic) à Highlight Acqmj àClick on Upper Arrowà Save Setting àOK à Exit. Go to the previous screen. Press Ctrl +N or click Icon “New”.   When filling out the blanks, remember: Cataloging Date should be blank, System supplies “-“ for location and “- - “ for call number.*        

·       Set up acquisitions portion of record