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Cataloging Unit Procedures and Policy

On-the-fly Record Procedure

(Records for books temporarily shelved in our collection) 

 1. Search OPAC.

1a. If you find a bibliographic record for the identical item:

2. Create an item record:

 ·      Retrieve and open a bibliographic record.          

·       From the Summary screen, choose View  “ i  item”.     

·       Select Attach new item 

·       Select Single item (you'll enter one item record at a time).   Click OK.       

 ·       Respond to prompts:       

 ·       Copy #      Enter copy number; click Next.        

·       Itype          Enter i type; click Next.   (Monographs=1, 2, or 3; serials=2 or 3 (primary                            material).)      

·       Volume     Enter volume number ;         

o   OR click Next

o   Barcode    Type or scan barcode number; click Next.

·       Creator     Enter your initials; click Next.         

 Click on Edit --> Insert Field --> Select x Note -->Type “This book belongs to Pr…  Please notify VS as soon as book will be returned to the owner

 Ø      Review record.    

Ø      Click Save.          

 1b. If you don’t find a bibliographic record for the identical item:

 Create a short bibliographic record:

 Ctrl +N --> input today’s date --> Next --> Next --> Next --> Next --> Input Author -->Next --> Input Title --> Save;

 Create an item record as instructed above.