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Cataloging Unit Procedures and Policy


Administrative admin.
Advance adv.
Amendment(s) amdt.
And &
Annotated annot.
Annual annual
Appendix appx.
Article (s) article(s)
Binder binder
Book(s) bk.; bks.
Bound bd.
Bulletin(s) bull.
Chapter ch.
Citator citator
Civil civ.
Conference conf.
Constitution(al) const.
Court court
Criminal crim.
Cumulative cumul.
Current current
Daily daily
Digest digest
Edition(s) ed.
Evidence evid.
Federal fed.
Form(s) form(s)
General gen.
Index index
Issue issue
Legislative legis.
New series new ser.
Number no.
Page(s) p.
Part(s) pt. ; pts.
Pocket pocket
Proceedings proc.
Public pub.
Reel reel
Regulation(s) reg.; regs.
Replacement repl.
Report(s) rept.
Reprint repr.
Revised rev.
Rule(s) rule;  rules
Ruling(s) rul.
Section(s) sect.
Series ser.
Special  special 
Statutes statutes
Statutory stat.
Supplement(s) suppl. ; suppls.
Table(s) table(s)
Tentative draft tent. Draft
Title(s) t.
Volume v.
With w/