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Cataloging Unit Procedures and Policy

Holding Symbols

JILP: Joint International Law Project


In conjunction with Brooklyn Law School and CUNY Law School, NYLS participates in the Joint International Law Project (JILP) for foreign, international, and comparative law.  There are two types of materials. Those deemed essential are considered core and all three institutions maintain copies.  All other works were split up by jurisdictions and subject area and purchased by one or more of the libraries.  These titles are designated JILP-B, JILP-C and JILP-N for the three institutions. Core materials are designated as JILP-Core.  The books are stamped as such on their title page 

JILP: Joint International Law Project

 ·       Includes all foreign and international law: JZ, KZ, (JX), KD, etc., and K numbers above 520; and other class numbers as indicated on the new title workform.  (New title workform should provide this data.)

 * If in doubt, check Order record: is there an n or a c in the jilp spot?

 ·       In 049 change ZNLA to ZNLG.

·       In 948 add jilp.

·       In 949 add b3=n (NYLS collects the title) or b3=c (all three schools collect the title).

·       If title is JILP-N, stamp title page with jilp stamp.

 Examples:  For a new jilp title:         948     ini, jilp

                                                            949     *recs=b;b3=n (or b3=c) 

For Reclassed Titles

 ·       In 948 add * (asterisk) to signal system not to add title to monthly new titles list.

 Example:   New title:             948      ini

                  Reclassed title:     948      ini, *

 This practice applies to all titles and all formats.