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Research Skills Courses for Credit

To help you prepare for law practice, NYLS offers research courses designed to build upon skills learned in the first year. The courses provide an opportunity to become a more efficient, confident and successful researcher. You may take up to five credits of research skills classes.

Legal Research: Practical Skills (1 credit) reviews and builds on the research skills introduced in the first year. Helps you refine your skills, learn shortcuts, and develop research strategies. When you complete this course you will know how to find statutes, legislative materials, administrative regulations, and related cases. You will know how to use citator services effectively to expand and update your research. You will also learn about a variety of important secondary sources used in practice and master electronic research using Lexis+, Westlaw Edge, Bloomberg Law, and other databases, as well as reliable free or low-cost legal sources. There are two types of offering for this course. We offer a general version, which provides a survey of skills across a broad variety of subjects, and in different semesters we also offer subject-oriented versions:
Legal Research: Corporate & Business Law
Legal Research: Family Law
Legal Research: Intellectual Property Law
Legal Research: Criminal Law
Legal Research: Real Estate Law


Legal Research: Skills for the Digital World (3 credits) reviews and builds on fundamental research skills as described in the Legal Research: Practical Skills courses. This course allows you time to concentrate on more advanced techniques using both electronic and print resources to maximize research effectiveness and efficiency. The course provides detailed instruction in developing appropriate research strategies and in evaluating the various electronic and print sources in order to choose the best source to complete particular projects. Special attention is given to the organization and use of legal information. You will pursue research assignments that may be geared to your individual subject interests. You must also complete take-home assignments that will test and enhance your understanding of research tools, process and strategy considerations, and your ability to perform various research tasks.