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Law Review Guide to the Mendik Library

Covid-19 - Inter-Library-Loan

When the pandemic struck, the vast majority of libraries curtailed the lending of, or scanning from, print material.  

While more and more libraries are beginnig to again accept these types of loan requests, the ability to get print material (or scans from a printed source) via ILL is still far from what it was before Covid-19  (And, even when a library is willing to loan material, the time it takes to process those requests has expanded.).

Note:  If a needed source is available on an electronic database, there is a greater chance that it can be gotten through ILL (since these can be filled remotely).


Please Note:

The process by which the Mendik Library borrows materials from other libraries is known as Inter-Library-Loan (ILL).

  1. In most cases, we are able to obtain books from other libraries on interlibrary loan. A typical interlibrary loan request takes from one to three weeks to fill.
  2. Libraries do not usually circulate periodicals via ILL. In most cases, however, we are able to obtain electronic copies of articles from another library or article clearinghouse.
  3. In the case of materials which do not circulate on interlibrary loan -- such as multi-volume sets, official publications, reference works and rare books  -- we can ascertain which metropolitan area libraries hold the desired materials and arrange access to a host library under appropriate circumstances. (See Access to Other Libraries sub-page.)


There are two types of ILL:

  • When the Law Review is requesting an item be borrowed for a Law Review Project (most usually cite-checking).
  • When a Member needs to ILL something in connection with his or her own use (such as their Note or Case Comment or Book Review).

Please note the three related basic rules regarding Law Review related ILL:

  • The general rule is that when an item is available in a metropolitan area library, the Mendik Library will NOT request it via ILL.
  • Only the Managing Editor, Associate Managing Editor or other designated representative can request an ILL on behalf of the Law Review. 
  • When a Member requests an ILL for their own use that Member becomes personally responsible for the items borrowed. 

Getting an Item for the Law Review Via ILL

Any time the Law Review wishes to get something via ILL, that request must be e-mailed by the Managing Editor, Associate Managing Editor or designated representative to Michael McCarthy, Head of Reference Services & Professor of Legal Research ( ): No other Member has the authority to borrow items via ILL in the Law Review’s name.

Getting an Item for Your Own Use Via ILL

Any NYLS student has the right to request items through ILL. 

A new ILL form is being worked on.  Once ready, it will be able to be linked to from here.