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Law Review Guide to the Mendik Library

Classification Systems

All libraries use classification systems in order to arrange their collections by subject. Most of the Mendik Library is arranged according to the Library of Congress [L.C.] classification system.  Most L.C. call numbers consist of three lines or four lines and work from the general (a broad subject area) to the particular (the book number and date).

Because the Library contains several different collections and these collections are located in different areas of the Library, you need to know both the Call Number and Location of the item in order to be able to find it within the Library.

The way to find an item’s Call Number and Location is by using the Library’s Online Catalog.

The Online Catalog

The Mendik Library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) contains records of the Library’s book holdings as well as many of its holdings on microform and other media. OPAC records can be accessed by Author’s Name, by Title, by KeyWord, by Subject or by Call Number. Search results may also be manipulated in order to generate even more precise results.

The OPAC also shows what has been checked out of the Library and when it is due back, what materials that have been placed on course reserve and the status of materials that have been ordered for the Library.

Finally, the OPAC can be used to link to E-Journals A-Z  (A Service which shows and links user to periodicals available on J-STOR, Hein Online, Lexis, Westlaw and several other sources.).

OPAC workstations are located in the Mendik Library. In addition, the OPAC can also be accessed at .

Call Number Locations


When using the catalog it is important to note both the Call Number (which classifies the title by subject and never changes) and the Location (which gives the physical location of the book within the library and which can change) of the item you want. 

Most locations, such as Reserve (L1), Microform Room (L2) and Periodicals (L4) are contained on a single floor.  Book Stacks (L2, L3 & L4) is more spread out and Internet is incorporeal.

Use the link, above, to see all library locations as well as the breakdown of the Bookstacks collection by call number.