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Legal Forms


Practicing lawyers often refer to templates or "forms" when drafting standard legal documents. 

When using a form, it is important to review all relevant laws and rules.  Forms are not etched in stone and should be tailored to your specific case.

You will often find many variations of the same form.  It is best to consult several forms, taking particular aspects from each, when creating your legal document.

Finding Forms on Westlaw, Lexis & Bloomberg Law


  • Select “Forms” from the browse menu.  You will then have the option of finding forms by State, Topic or Publication
  • Practical Law Company
    • The Practical Law Company provides practical resources including model documents, guides, and checklists.  
    • Practice areas include Commercial, Corporate & Securities, Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation, Finance, Intellectual Property & Technology, International Arbitration, Labor & Employment, Federal Litigation, Antitrust, Real Estate, and Tax.
    • Practical Law can be found in the drop down menu next to the Westlaw Edge logo in top left corner of the home page.


  • From the Explore Box > Content > Forms
  • Lexis Practical Guidance
    • Select "Practical Guidance" icon the menu on the left.
    • Search practice notes, forms, clauses, articles and checklists.

Bloomberg Law

  • Type "forms" into the Go Bar and select "Practical Guidance Home".
  • Find forms, checklists, and expert guidance on specific transactions, compliance issues and other legal topics.

Beyond Lexis and Westlaw

Mendik Library Catalog

You can find both print and electronic resources by simply searching our Library Catalog.  Use the word "forms" as a search term.

Internet - statewide and location-specific forms - links to standard forms used in the U.S. Courts

Findlaw’s Legal Forms for Professionals (fee)

Blumberg Legal Forms (fee)