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Finding the Law: Mendik Library Orientation 2023


On behalf of the Mendik Library, I want to extend my welcome to the entering Class of 2023. We are all looking forward to meeting and supporting you as you embark on this challenging and exciting journey.  

The Mendik Library is a vibrant and dynamic information and research center. You can be assured that you are getting the benefit of an outstanding collection of information and technology resources, an extensive offering of services, and an excellent and dedicated library staff.  We describe our resources and services in great detail in this guide and on our web pages and we hope you will explore and ask questions.  

What you might not realize from these publications is the outstanding quality of the Mendik Library Staff and why that is important to you. Your librarians have many years of experience working in law libraries and teaching legal research. Many have law degrees from law schools here in New York and from around the country.  They can help you with your library and research needs, of course, but their value to you goes far beyond that. Do not hesitate to ask us questions about the law school, particular courses, or any of the extracurricular activities available. We can help you, or we will direct you to the best person to give you the help you need.  

Law school is a new experience for each of you, and we are committed to making that experience a rewarding one. We have worked hard to make your library a comfortable study and learning environment and we look forward to working with you throughout your law school career and thereafter as alumni.  

Welcome!  We hope the library will quickly become your second home.  

Camille Broussard
Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Information Services; Director, The Mendik Library