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Exam Preparation Resources

A range of resources iuncluding books, articles, videos, CALI, past exams, practice questions and multimedia to help you prepare for law school exams.

NYLS Academic and Bar Success

NYLS Exam Archive

The sample and practice exam archive consists of exams released to the Library by NYLS faculty. Please note that professors are not required to release exams to the Library, and many choose not to do so. Consequently, you may not be able to find an exam for either your class or your professor.

Sample and practice exams are indexed by professor’s name and course taught.

All exams are in Adobe PDF format and are viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which has been installed on all PCs in the Library and the Electronic Research Classrooms.

The exam archive is maintained by the Circulation Department. Questions regarding available exams should be directed to Elina Oyola, Circulation Librarian, at 212.431.2148, or by email at:

To access the exam archive on the NYLS Portal:

  • Login to the NYLS portal.
  • On the portal home page, locate the Student Resources drop down menu
  • Click on the Exams, Grades, and Registration link
  • Click on the Exam Archive link

Books about Exams and Law School Success

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For a larger list of exam preparation titles available at the Mendik Library, conduct the following subject search in our catalog: Law examinations -- United States