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Circulation Department

Sample & Practice Exams

The Library maintains secure electronic PDF files of past years’ examinations for students to use in their exam preparations. An archive of these files is available through the NYLS Portal.  Only NYLS students and faculty with network accounts have access to the exams archive.

STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE: Professors are not required to release exams to the Library, and many choose not to do so. Consequently, you may not be able to find an exam for either your course or your professor.

FACULTY PLEASE NOTE:  When preparing current exams, keep in mind that previous years’ examinations are available, or may have been available to students in the electronic archives described above.

To submit an exam to the archive, please send an electronic file (PDF or word processing) to  Exams are not sent automatically to the Library by the Registrar or any other department.  You or your faculty assistant must submit the ones you want directly to us.

The Library will never make a past exam available without specific authorization from the faculty member who gave it.  And, upon request of the faculty member, we will withdraw any exam at any time.  Faculty members are encouraged to check the list of their available examinations periodically, to verify that the available exams are as intended.

All inquiries about past years’ exams should be addressed to Elina Oyola, Circulation Librarian, at 212.431.2148,

To access the exam archive, first login to the NYLS portal:

  • Click on the Student Resources tab.
  • Click on the Exams, Grades, and Registration
  • Then click on the Exam Archive link