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Call Home First: Library & Research Resources

Created for use in the Foundations of Professionalism workshops

Summer Use of Various Sourcces

Summer Access:

While the great majority of resources accessed via the Mendik Library are freely available for use by students over the summer, Lexis and Westlaw are the exception to this general rule.

  • Lexis and Westlaw: Make sure to review the Lexis and Westlaw policies on summer use. (For Students >> Summer Use of Bloomberg Law, Lexis, Westlaw & more.
  • Bloomberg Law and Fastcase are alternatives that allow full summer access.  Google Scholar is a free alternative that searches a comprehensive database of federal and state case law. It’s a great starting point when cost is an issue.
    • Have you tried Bloomberg Law yet? To obtain a username and password, go to; leave the Activation Code field blank. You must use your NYLS email account.
    • The Bloomberg Practice Centers provide legal commentary and current awareness news in more than a dozen general areas of law, including Corporate, Labor & Employment, Trademarks & Copyright, Patents & Trade Secrets, Tax, and many more. To get started, click the Practice Centers tab at the top of the page and from the drop-down menu, select the Practice Center of interest to you. You can also enter the name of the Practice Center in the Search Bar and select the practice center from the auto-complete drop-down list..
    • Fastcase is a great lower cost alternative to Lexis and Westlaw, and it has a mobile search app. 
May 5, 2022