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New York Treatises by Topic

A selected list of New York-focused treatises.  Researchers may want to consult a legal encyclopedia in addition to a treatise.  New York-focused encyclopedias are listed at the beginning of the page.  For treatises not limited by geographic focus, consult our Treatises by Topic list.

Treatises are works written by legal scholars that provide exhaustive coverage of a legal topic.  Treatises may be a single volume, but more often they are multi-volume sets of five, ten, or even more volumes.   Treatises provide description, analysis and commentary with extensive references to primary sources including cases, statutes and other authorities.  Often, the name of the author is included in the title, such as Warren’s Weed New York Real Property or Steinman’s Bergerman & Roth New York Real Property Forms Annotated.

N.Y. Treatises by Topic