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Archival Collection of Judge Roger J. Miner: 1981-2012


There are 22 VHS tapes, all of which have been copied and transferred to archival DVDs.  The DVDs are available for viewing. 

Among the recordings are:

  •  Judge Miner’s Investiture as both a District and Circuit Judge.

  • Judge Miner’s July 7, 1985 United States Senate Confirmation Hearing.

  • Miscellaneous television news clips containing speculation about Judge Miner’s appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States.

  • A Conversation with The Honorable Roger J. Miner (3 DVDs) (a professional and personal oral history of Judge Miner produced by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the Federal Bar Council).

  • Speech—Federal Courts, Federal Crimes and Federalism, delivered before The Federalist Society, Washington, D.C. (September 18, 1986).

  • Speech—Preemptive Strikes on State Autonomy: The Role of Congress, delivered before The Heritage Foundation as part of the U.S. Constitution Bicentennial Lecture Series, Washington, D.C.  (February 18, 1987).  

  • "Literacy Volunteers Project: Reading to Kindergarten Children at the Greenport School,"  Hudson, New York (March 14, 1990).

  • Commencement address—Ringing the Bell, and receipt of Honorary LL. D. Degree, Syracuse University Law School (May 20, 1990). 

Index to Video Recordings in the Collection

Dedication of The Honorable Roger J. Miner '56 Reading Room, July 10, 2013

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