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Call Numbers & Library of Congress Classification System

Locating Items in the Library

Book Stacks location at the Mendik Library

Library Level 1 (or main floor) consists of the Reserve collection.   

The book stacks are found in three floors in the library:

Level 2: KF1 - KF1499 Call numbers. Federal Primary Materials
Level 3: KF1500 - KF9999 Call numbers. Federal Practice Materials, Tax Collection,
Level 4: All other call numbers. New York, International and State Materials.

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Types of Materials:

  1. Primary Sources: Case reporters, statutes, regulations, digests, citators, indexes, serials and other frequently-updated works may be borrowed for one day.
  2. Monographs: Books that are not updated and do not contain primary source material may be borrowed for four weeks.
  3. Treatises: Updated treatises and parts of multi-volume sets, except those that are primary reference materials, may be borrowed for three days.