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Finding the Law: Mendik Library Orientation 2022

Make Up Sessions

For students who missed one or both RSW, the following make up sessions have been scheduled for Sunday, December 4th:

  • Jurisdiction & Authority RSW (1:00).
  • Finding Primary Authority Through Secondary Sources RSW (2:15).

Both sessions will be held via Zoom.

Advanced Registration is required.

To register, scroll down to calendar.

Research Skills Workshops (RSW)

Each semester, members of the Mendik Library Reference Staff teach a number of Research Skills Workshops (RSW).

The RSW introduce important research concepts and tools and are Legal Practice course requirements:  Attendance is mandatory.

Here are this semester's RSW (with dates):

  • Jurisdiction & Authority RSW (Sept. 2 - Sept. 25).
  • Finding Primary Authority Through Secondary Sources RSW (Oct. 28 - Nov. 20). 


Please Note:

  • Advance Registration is Required:*  
    • Use the calendar, below, to register.  
  • Registration for both sets of RSW will open on Friday, August 26th.
  • The RSW will be taught via Zoom.**
    • After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing the Zoom link for the RSW.
      • An example of the confirmation email is shown below the calendar.
    • 24 hours before the scheduled start of the RSW, you will get a reminder email which will contain another copy of the Zoom link.  
      • If you register less than 24 hours before the class start time (which is not a problem), you will only get the confirmation email (not the reminder).

*  Prof. Kade and Prof. Pell have decided that the RSW for their students will be taught during a regularly scheduled Legal Practice class session.  Therefore, if you are have Prof. Kade (L1A & L2A) or Prof. Pell (L2E & L3B) you do not register in advance for the RSW.

**  Again, with the exception of Prof. Kade's and Prof. Pell's sections.


Essentials of Electronic Legal Research I (EELR I)

EELR I, which will introduce you to Bloomberg Law, Lexis and Westlaw, will be will be taught either during one of your regularly scheduled LP class sessions or at a specific time selected by your LP Professor.  This information will be given to you by your LP professor and you will not be registering in advance for your EELR I class. The goal is to teach all of the EELR I sessions in-school and in-person.

Fact Pattern Used in Some EELR I Sessions

Jurisdiction & Authority PowerPoint