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Bar Exam Preparation Resources

Bar Study Apps

The Bar Prep courses offer mobile resources (outlines, lectures, MBE questions) to supplement the classroom lectures. These are supplements and are not intended to replace going to class. Download them … Use them when you travel, while you wait for your wash…

Adaptibar for iPhone & iPad; free for students enrolled in Adaptibar.  Contains actual MBE questions from past bar exams.

BarBri for iPhone & iPad; free for students enrolled in BarBri. Contains bar review practice questions and answers (timed or untimed); outlines; lectures.

Kaplan for iPhone & iPad; free; MBE flashcards & instructional videos

BarMax MPRE free and upgraded version for iPhone & iPad. Provides an outline, audio lectures, real MPRE questions, and MPRE study flashcards.

Themis Bar Review available for iPhone & iPad and for Android Devices.  Free version provides access to demo content and the full content is only available to students enrolled in Themis Bar Review courses.