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Bar Exam Preparation Resources

Subject Matter Outlines

National Conference of Bar Examiners ( Outlines:

In addition, the National Conference of Bar Examiners offers sample MBE and MEE questions for you to take in preparation for the bar exam.  MBE sample questions can be found here and MEE sample questions from the July 2021 exam can be found here.  More MEE sample questions from other bar exams can be found here.

Other Review Materials Online and in the Reserve Area

Several BARBRI outlines and course review materials are shelved in the "Study Aid" section in Reserve.

In addition, Adaptibar is an easy-to-use online MBE simulator with thousands of previously tested MBE questions.  All 2022 graduates have access to Adaptibar.  NYLS also provides Adaptibar access to anyone who has taken the bar fewer than 4 times or is within 2 years of graduation (whichever comes first). If you don't have Adaptibar or are not sure how to access it, please contact Danielle Whitaker on the Bar Success Initiatives team.